Worship Ministries





Getting involved in worship ministries at Christ Church is easy. Look over the opportunities below for ideas.





Acolytes are men and women, boys and girls, who serve on Sunday morning and some holy days, by carrying torches or the Gospel book in procession. If interested, contact Jim Churchill (507-279-2095).




IMG_2525Altar Guild

Christ Church’s Altar Guild was founded in 1915 as Daughters of the King but now is a group of both men and women. They adorn and accessorize the altar and surrounding worship space weekly and seasonally. To participate, contact Mary Moritz (507-433-3782).



Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are licensed lay persons who serve wine at Communion. They may take further training to become licensed Eucharistic Visitors who take Communion to those who are ill or homebound. For more information, contact the Rev. Catherine Lemons (507-433-3782).




These welcoming men and women smile and greet worshippers as they hand out bulletins at worship services. They are also able to provide all sorts of information to visitors. To be a greeter, contact Kim Kahn-Waletzke(507-433-3782).




Public proclamation of God’s Word during worship is an ancient tradition of our Christian faith; therefore, reading scripture is an important responsibility that requires training.  To share your gift in this way, contact the Rev. Catherine Lemons (507-433-3782).