What Christ Church Means to Me

“Christ Church is my extended family; friends that welcome all to the Lord’s table, share life experiences and love unconditionally. We share God’s Word and peace with all who come and ensure that everyone understands they are welcome at God’s table. Christ Church represents community, family, love and faith.” -mj


“We are about loving and serving God. We’re a group of Christians – all ages, all backgrounds – who worship liturgically, scripturally and prayerfully. Our purpose is to welcome and serve the community.” -cl


“I think we are all here at God’s will to show all we meet how Christ would want us to treat them by the actions we portray to them.” -pj


“The faith community at Christ Church welcomes everyone and is joyful in its worship and service to its members and community at large.” -sjg


“Christ Church represents God’s love. This love is absent of barriers and does not have an ulterior motivation. It is love in its purest form for all beings.” -sl


“We are a community of Christian believers with a heart for the people in our area. We pray with reverence and play with zeal and joy.” -rl


“Christ Church welcomed us to their church home with open arms and surrounded us with love at a troubled time in our lives where we lost 6 important people in our lives and both of us had experienced cancer. There was no judgment of us as brand new attendees of this church. Just questions as to how they could help.” -mj


“As Episcopalians we…

  • Celebrate the via media
  • Respect education for everyone regardless of gender or background
  • Value everyone
  • Lead the way on social issues
  • Respect that everyone is a child of God
  • Love people right where they are
  • Teach ‘non-judgmentalism'”