Visiting Us

shieldWe’re so glad you’re considering a visit! We’re looking forward to meeting you. You don’t need to know or do anything special before you attend our services. This page is simply provided so you will know what to expect. We want to make worshipping in a new place as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

Our Sunday morning service is at 10:00 AM. The language, ritual and music are planned to create a worshipful experience. Our services are traditional but lean toward casual. Dress, however, ranges from casual to perhaps a little more formal. Please dress as you are comfortable.

Episcopal services usually include something we call a Eucharist or Communion. Eucharist is from an ancient Greek word meaning thanksgiving. The Eucharist is a ritual meal of bread and wine representing the body and blood of Christ who lived, died and was resurrected so that we might share in eternal life. We share in the Eucharistic meal as an expression of our thanksgiving to Christ and act of fellowship with one another. All who seek God and a deeper life in Christ are invited to join us at the Lord’s Table.

At Christ Church, Eucharist is shared at the Communion rail which is at the front of the church. Receive the bread in the palm of your hand, eat, and then drink from the cup. Alternatively, you may hold the bread and dip it into the wine. Some people do this when they have a cold. If you would rather receive a blessing, simply cross your arms over your chest.

After the service, the minister usually greets people at the door. Please take the time to sign our guest book and introduce yourself as well. There is also an opportunity to share in some refreshment after the service if you have time to stay for the fellowship. As I said, we’d love to meet you.

Hope to see you soon!