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Call me Catherine. Or if you are more formal, then Rev. Catherine will work. I am the Rector at Christ Church which means I am the priest/pastor here.

I enjoy a variety of worship styles and seeing what other churches are doing. A limitation of being a priest is that I don’t have many opportunities to visit elsewhere. So it’s a good thing I am so happy at Christ Church.

I graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary and am married to my husband Richard. We have three grown children and 5  beautiful grandchildren.

My biggest passions are preaching and one-on-one ministry. Leadership is a close second. I love to be with my family, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and our 2mini dachshunds, Lili and Daphne. But most of all I really enjoy being a priest!

The Rev. Catherine Lemons



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I was born in Austin Minnesota. I’m the youngest of seven children. My mother lives in town as do three of my sisters. My brother, a sister, many nephews and nieces are scattered throughout the country. We are a close family. I was married in 1988. My wife J and I have four daughters. I am an Art teacher in the public schools in Austin.

I was baptized at Christ Church by the Reverend T. J. Williams and was confirmed by the Rt. Reverend Phillip McNairy. I served as an acolyte during my early teen years but drifted away from my church and faith during this time. It was in my late teen years that I began to seek for truth and meaning for my life and stumbled on my faith again. This was during the waning years of what would be called the “charismatic movement” and I found myself worshipping with small groups of believers in non-liturgical and non-traditional formats. This proved to be very beneficial to my spiritual formation. As time passed and I got on in life I was drawn back to my Episcopalian roots and found myself at home again at Christ Church. I was ordained a deacon of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota on June 27, 2013. I currently serve at Christ Church, Austin and at Christ Church, Albert Lea.

John Sullivan


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I’m the mother of three beautiful daughters and grandmother of three grandchildren. I love coming to work in an environment of peace, love and acceptance. Working here has strengthened my faith in God and I’m amazed at the generosity of the people of Christ Church.

Kim Kahn-Waletzke

Parish Secretary

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I have been married to my wonderful husband, Earl, for 45 years and we have two children and two grandchildren. After graduating from Winona State University with a degree in music education, I  taught vocal and general music at Haven School and Sacred Heart School and am currently teaching piano, organ and theory.  I love teaching and have done this for 50 years.  Christ Church is a wonderful place to worship and the people are very friendly and appreciative.  The choir is awesome. They work very hard and the congregation participates wholeheartedly in the worship services.  It is a joy to play and worship here.

 Joyce Edland

Organist/Choir Director

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I am the daughter of a Church Musician. In his childhood, my father walked to piano lessons and later learned to play the organ. He was a church organist in Faribault and as I learned at his side, I began to sub for him from time to time. I think I got my love of music from my father. Since then I have listened to great organists and I’ve learned from each of them. Subsequently, I have played the organ in Episcopal churches from Edina, Minnesota to Ft. Myers, Florida.

I have had six children, four sons and two daughters. I’m married to my husband Paul. The way I serve God and the Church is with my playing. Playing the organ is my prayer. From the time I get out of my car on Sunday morning until I get back in my car after the service, my heart beats with joy. Playing the organ is the biggest gift I have.

Donna Wilken


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I have lived in Austin since 2002 and started attending Christ Church in 2004. I have been married to my husband Tim, who is a deputy for the Mower County Sheriff’s Department, since 2000. We have an 11 year son Sean, and a 5 year old daughter McKenna. I have worked at Apple Lane Child Care Center since 2006 and I’m a teacher in the Infant Room. I serve on the board of directors, for Matchbox Children’s Theatre, as President, and I help run the Godly Play program here at Christ Church. I have sung in church choirs since I was in middle school and music is a very important part of my life. I’ve been a part of Christ Church’s choir since I joined the church and I’m excited to be leading the Pickup Choir on the Sundays when the regular choir isn’t singing.

Angela Donovan

Pick Up Choir Leader

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