Caring Ministries

prayerPastoral Care

If you are in need of pastoral care, please call Christ Church at 507-433-3782. If the office is closed, the recording gives instruction for how to reach someone who can help you in an emergency situation.




The Christ Church Hospitality Team provides periodic social occasions just for fun. They also bake loaves of quick bread to be given to Sunday morning’s visitors. If you would like to care for people by making them feel welcome and have fun, contact Kim Kahn-Waletzke (507-433-3782).


Communion kitEucharistic Visitors

The mission of Eucharistic Visitors is to provide Communion to those who are unable to attend services on a regular basis because they are ill or incapacitated. Eucharistic Visitors are licensed by the Episcopal Church of Minnesota and require a one-day training program. For information, please contact the Rev. Catherine Lemons (507-433-3782).