Our Christ Church Community

Christ Church is a wonderful community of faith that is not limited to the church doors. We stretch our arms wider than even the city of Austin. We are a member of the Episcopal Church of Minnesota and the world wide Anglican Communion.


As baptized believers we are called to minister to one another as well as to those far away. At Christ Church, we encourage people, regardless of race, age, gender, ability, marital status, or sexual orientation to explore a spiritual identity. We are each one of God’s children. Thus we look out for one another and help all of God’s children in as many ways as we can.


Christ invited us to join together at the Lord’s table. That’s what we do. We come together at least once a week to share bread and wine, holy food for ordinary folk, as we walk a holy journey together. We praise our Lord with all we have and do. We join our voices and hearts into one spirit and glorify our Lord.

For information about becoming a member or learning more about Christ Church, call or email the Rev. Catherine Lemons.

In the meantime, come and see us at Christ Church. Join us in fellowship and praise of our Lord  Jesus Christ.